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Bar promotions are a very important part of marketing for your bar.  Develop the right bar marketing mix and slow nights will be a thing of the past.  Run the wrong promotions or (worse yet!) don't promote your bar at all and you'll be throwing money away and watching beverage sales grind to a halt.

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Aaron Greenberg
Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group
Chicago, IL

"We all need help from time to time in running and promoting bars and clubs. All the help we can get is great. With sites like this we are all assured to succeed."
Kevin Gray
Porirua Club
Porirua, NZ

"The tips are very useful and keeps me up to date on what other bars are doing. It is so nice to have a group of people who know what it is like to own and run a bar.

Stephanie Caldwell
Hoopsters Sports Bar & Grill
New Washington, IN

"I have gotten some great ideas on bar promotions from your emails. I've used some and they haven't failed me yet."
Rockford, IL

"The information you provide has helped us out so much! With new ideas and tips, its helped us stay open longer than most new bars in our area and we are doing pretty good with your help! Thank you!!!"
Mandy Trotsky
Iowa City, IA

"I like the range of tips you all give, it reminds me to remember small details that sometimes I forget while looking at the bigger picture of the business. Thanks!"
Al Riggs
Car Pool Herndon
Herndon, VA

"I look forward to the tips, they help me remember to keep looking for new idea's and not to stay stuck in the same old routine."
Skip Armstrong
Steale-Arm Sports Pub
Sanford, FL

"This is a great informational tool that has helped us generate new business."
Mary Ryddt
The Coach Bar & Restaurant
Carbondale, PA

"You give us great ideas to use in our bar as well as motivate us to try new things! Thank You! "
Emperor's Palace
Lacey and Olympia, WA

"I look forward to the weekly emails. They keep the wheels turning on new ideas to increase profits, as well as, keeping the promotions fresh for our customers. THANKS!"
Grady Hazelton
WingNutz Bar and Grill
Rifle, CO

"I have used a number of your ideas in developing this business and look forward to the continuation of the newsletters of advise in these hard economic times. Thanks."
Steven Bradley
Chaney's Lonestar Bar
St Paul, MN